Connecticut is a state of about 3 million people. It has ultra wealthy towns such as Greenwich and Westport, where some of the homes reach well over 15 million. It also has very wealthy towns like Darien, New Canaan, and Weston. It also has very poor cities. It is also home to Yale. It also has two famous casinos which are the states main attractions
In Connecticut it would seem every thing is linked to money.
by The walker July 6, 2004
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Maybe by statistics one of the richest states, but has a very large ghetto population. either you in a farm community, which is the richer section, or you in a city...which is most likely ghetto. ive never been to a city in ct that didnt atleast have one area wit moderatly high crime. some of the many ghettos: hartford, new haven, bridgeport, stamford, middletown, east hartford, and there is a farming town, portland, who has a lot of poverty, ghettos, and white trash. Also home to many italians and puerto ricans.
Are you from Connecticut?

Yeah Why?

Oh man you rich you from Fairfield or suttin?

Nah, Bridgeport.

Oh...shit do you have a gun? ::runs away::
by leandrah September 26, 2005
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The Best State in the Country, home to the rich, famous, and well educated. The envy of the rest of the states but do we care what your knock-off prada wearing, honda driving states think. NO. So shut up and get back to mowing our lawns. Please and thank you. love CT.
Your such a bitch

Are you from Connecticut?


Then I don't give a flying fuck what you think
by CTlova5 August 26, 2010
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The fifth state to join the union of the United States. Considered by many to be one of the six New England states, the other five being Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine; considered by New Englanders to be an annex of the state of New York.
Masshole: 'Where ah you from?'
Connecticutian: 'Connecticut.'
Masshole: 'Really? I've never been to that paht of New York."
Connecticutian: 'It's not part of New York!'
Rhode Islander, New Hampshirite, Vermonter, and Mainiac: 'Sure it is.'
Connecticutian: -_-*
by wikkid May 8, 2003
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The O.C. of the East Coast - though more liberal and historic. Connecticut is home to Paul Newman and Martha Stewart and birthplace of the late Hope Lange. In the 1970s, a time of major demographic change, its governors included the abortion-obsessed Thomas Meskill and the late Ella Grasso.

Connecticut television is dominated by Hartford's WFSB, Channel 3, formerly home to Oprah's pal Gayle King. No other station in America is so obsessed with its frequency number. All the station's personalities wear giant silver 3s on their lapels, and mindlessly chant "three" at every available opportunity. Hartford itself is located halfway between Boston and NYC, and has a marked inferiority complex to both of America's two oldest major cities. The state capitol building, though, is a glorious marvel of Gothic Revival, and well worth a visit.
"Connecticut is critical to Gerald Ford's chances in 1976" - some faceless bicentennial-era broadcaster.
by Victor Felix June 28, 2006
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Connecticut the state that highly depends on there south west portion of the state. 2/3 of the state is extremely rich when half of them don't actually know there rich. And every dad drives a fast BMW Mercedes, Audi, or Porsche. No matter what car anyone drives they drive aggressively fast. And there actually very smart people. Everyone who owns a house elsewhere is in Stratton, Okemo, or bromly (which is in southern Vermont).
Dude, do you want to come skiing with me in Maine, I think Maine is like 5.38 hours away from Darien Connecticut but you can come to my "House" in Okemo.
(I am from CT )
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"I'm from Connecticut. Not NY, not Boston, and sure as hell not Jersey. Connecticut. We don't have parkways here. They're highways, and as far as I'm concerned, it's 84 and 91, and that's it. We don't go to bars in highschool. We drive 65 mph to go to the "packy", not the liquor store, but the package store, and we make damn sure we get there before 9. We don't have stupid accents, and we lock our doors when we go to New Haven. We love nothing more than watching our Huskies own shit in March. We eat grinders here, not subs, not heroes, not even hoagies. We enjoy a good party in the woods. We don't get bunked, hammered, smashed, or plastered here. No, no, we get cocked, and we're damn proud of it. I'm from Connecticut."
by CTBLOWS1 August 23, 2006
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