The Heart of Africa, the richest Country in the world. There women are bomb as fuck they man are the the hottest man in World, there culture is to die for, there people are very kind and wonderful. If you want a Great women or a great man just marry a Congolese man or women. They are one of countries in Africa that does not have sexual Separation Meaning man and women are equal. They believe in living there life's at high status even though sometime they have nothing. Most Congolese people are always happy and proud. They are known to people the most proudest people in the world, culture wise attitude wise and they tent to brag a lot. Congolese people are the best people to ever walk on this earth please learn from them you might catch a thing or too about life. They are hard workers it been said that during slavery the most Africa that got captured the most were Congolese people and that was because they were the most hard working people in Africa and they could adapt really quickly for that many of them were taken, if you truth every black American in America at least 78 percent of them will have some type of Congolese Heritage. Congolese people are good at everything they do expect fixing their own country. They are good in sports, music, dance, healthy, culture everything. But then again they are the heart of AFRICA AKA the mother land. One thing though don't never Cross a Congolese person because they never forget.
Congolese people are the coolest people in the world, they judge but don't like to be judged. There churches are like Fashion show display. Go to one and make sure you look nice of you might hit yourself
by The lion Queen June 18, 2017
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