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The word Conditsis was formed many years ago by the gods and angels in the heavens above. The Greek gods themselves were creating their newest, most advanced specimens yet and were heavily impressed by their own results. They doubted such a perfect life form could ever be created. Days passed as they tried to name this complexion and eventually their profound thinking came to an exhaustion. This is when the angels were called in for help. Even the angels were straining to comprehend how such a life form could exist. They couldn't bear the pressure of naming them. Leaving it to fate was the only option left. So they grabbed a few scrabble tiles from the game they were playing earlier, chucked them into a little sack and pulled out the perfect combination of 9 tiles ever seen. The surname Conditsis was born.

Some say even today, just by inheriting the surname, your body will transform into an ultimate chiseled unit, wielding abs that can crush mountains, a mind too intelligent to sympathize and a chest in which the rest of the human race comfortably shelters underneath its protection.
Guy No1: Hey is that a Conditsis?!
Guy No2: yeahp, thats billy
by bilaye July 23, 2013
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