Adjective: shambles, travesty, joke, complete mess.

Used to describe a situation when everything has gone completely tits-up. Inspired by the many illustrious and colourful club statements issued by Rangers FC in the 2017/18 season of the Scottish Premiership.
Jim Traynor went into hiding after facing severe backlash from his concomitant statements

It was a concomitant scene at Ibrox when Rangers lost 2-0 at home to Hamilton Academical
by areteees December 29, 2017
The Concomitant Bozack Position is a stance on homosexuality defined by the following:

Two individual males are only to be considered homosexual if their scrota contact in such a fashion as to permit the transference of sweat.

Colloquially known as the "balls are touching" stance.
"Dude, your balls touched! You're gay!"

"No. Under the Concomitant Bozack Position, since my sack was wrapped in saran, no ballsweat passed. I am safe."
by BGre November 16, 2007