A game on the computer, hense the term computer game.
I owned you at starcraft, the best computer game ever created. (I didn't "pwn" him as "pwned" is a misspelling of owned.)
by Adeadlyliquid September 28, 2004
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What somebody has when they are skilled at picking up women on the internet
Maaaan dude in that chatroom was talking to like, 5 bitches at once. He got some maad Computer Game !!
by TheFelix March 03, 2009
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Gaming computer or GLORIOUS PC (personal computer, if you're a Hipster) is the best gaming device. no competition. Don't listen to the Console Peasants.

also, Praise GabeN

Everybody with a brain: Fucking told you so.
by TheUlriNator March 01, 2017
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Take your average off the Shelf shity computer and give it steroids and you have a gaming PC
Gaming computer in a word are computers that fill in the gap between a average workstation and an IBM supercomputer man has technology advanced over the years gaming PCs are usually preferred to be in very flashy cases with tempered glass and enough shades of red green and blue to light up a room but this is optional but if you're building one and don't have at least Lighting in it your scrub if you want a good example see you GIF down below
by ಠ_ರೃ 1997 February 19, 2019
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In a nutshell gaming computers are general office computers on steroids they are built for one thing and one thing only gaming some people like to build their own some people like to buy them but they particularly meant for performance
Other terms of gaming computer are as followed
Performance computer
Enthusiast computer
Mid-range high end and low-end gaming computers work just like normal computers as well unlike consoles you can do your homework on them you can watch YouTube on them if you really wanted to you could watch PornHub even though I don't recommend it because he could get a virus from it
by ಠ_ರೃ 1997 March 15, 2019
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