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The act of treating a test, usually of skill or knowledge, as if it were timed and/or a race. This occurs most typically in an academic setting, but can be seen elsewhere, as in IQ or personality tests. The winner of a completition can be determined either by the fastest time, the best score or results, or most commonly a combination of the two.
Hortense: How'd you do on the Calc test, Biff? I pulled out a B+.

Biff: Eh, I got a B-, but I was the first one done by fifteen minutes. I totally won the completition.
by Hybrid Raj March 14, 2011
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When you finally get the whole squad together. Commonly associated with video games or a night out.
Sarah, Fred and I completitioned last week but unfortunately Jessica couldn't join us.
Susan: "When's the next time we're able to completite?"
Dave: "Most of us completitioned last night but only thanks to Samuel."
by Sgt.Lobster August 26, 2017
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