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A beautiful town full of people too old to appreciate it. All the kids die of boredom if they don't escape. If you say you are going shopping with your friends, your parents will belive you. If you try to sneak into a bar, your parents will already be there. Former home of Pamela Anderson. Until she escaped.
Let's go live in Comox!
by Person who is stuck in Comox December 01, 2011
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Comox, B.C. a small town in the middle of Vancouver Island aka "The Rock". It quiet and pretty beautiful. Most people located here are nearly dead. All the young ones do is party hard. Comox has nothing exciting to do AT ALL. Do not live there by any means unless your retired.
Welcome to Comox! Hope you don't die of boredom
by Rapidest October 17, 2008
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