A sexual act in which two men 69 and the man on top proceeds to defacate on his partner. The man on top is "in command" as he weilds his partner's penis like a joystick.
As Toby and Tavis were engaged in a 69, Tavis upped the experience by turning it into a Command Center.
by Wussmonster March 2, 2010
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The lingo or slang used to refer to a room, or bedroom who's specific purpose is for video games mainly XBOX 360. It is not uncommon for a garage to be turned into a command center. Layout consists of 2-3 couches, and a few armchairs, a coffee table, multiple ash trays, neon beer signs, rugs, pillows, a refrigirator, game/movie posters and anything else neccessary for long-term gaming. (curtains to block out windows, no clocks, etc.)
When Call of Duty World at War came out, my friends and I gathered in the command center and no-lifed it for a couple of days.
by Redcoat01 May 14, 2009
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Moblie command center is a pharse or slang term when you take mutliple electronic devices or items with you. Such as a cell phone or several cell phones, beeper, computer, binders, bag, etc. A termed used when your connected to these devices due to personal or work reasons.
Husband: Honey I'm leaving, see you later.

Wife: Don't forget to take your moblie command center with you!
by Hankscolts July 10, 2011
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