An event held to proclaim that, contrary to popular perception, a person is completely heterosexual.
The printed invitation to Heather's coming in party landed with a crash, forcing many to readjust, not least among them Allison, whose desire, hope and seduction plans were in an instant dashed.
by Monkey's Dad February 25, 2020
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what you say when you mean you wanna go to the movies.
-mary are you coming to the party?
-sure, simon alice in wonderland right?
-yup, at 7:20pm 3D atlantis.
by monroa March 13, 2010
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An answer to give when someone asks you if you know of a certain celebrity, or general VIP, but in all honesty you're clueless. A nearly desperate way to salvage some cool about not being in the know.
Person A: Hey, did you hear the new Lady Gaga single yesterday?

Person B: Nope . . . whoever she is, she doesn't come to my birthday parties.

Person A: What a surprise.
by boustrophedonik June 21, 2010
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