The guetto way of asking a female if she is going to put out.
Yea, I want to see you too baby, but I dont want to drive all the way to Brooklyn unless you going to come through.
by papote February 19, 2006
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Top Definition
To come over
Who's all there? Ok, I'm coming through.
Is it cool if I come through for some drinks?
by Phatty Mcgatty March 28, 2004
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A phrase used to express someone or something is pleasing, done correctly, or successful.
"Come through, Janet! Your work is amazing!"
"Ok, sliced bread, come through!
by dubsk April 05, 2017
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Noun - Saying used to invite someone over.
Verb - To arrive at or go through.
"I'm about to come through your place, that cool?"

"Come through bro! You don't wanna miss this one!"
"Alright, I'll be there around 11."
by TheHazeFactory July 08, 2015
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To get someone their drugs.
Hey lady, I need an eighth. Can you come through for me tonight?

I'm about to be selling, if that ounce comes through today.
by NatureLover111 October 10, 2006
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Typically used on Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, or in group chats.

Meaning: Someone hmu I need to talk about my issues/problems.
"Someone come through"
"You alright? What's up?"
by LilSimba2k17 December 27, 2017
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