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(Old-school) The original slang term's pronunciation, often mistaken for the modern MLE (multicultural London English) phrase, "Come we go". It originated in Brixton, South London. Although the actual phrase "Come we go" is the true spelling of the meaning of the Patois phrase, "Com'e'go" was how the phrase was initially pronounced during the start of it's common usage (when adopted by non-Jamaicans in the area) in the early 90's.
Com'e'go jack 'em for their ice poles?
by GhosTofBrixton June 21, 2010
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1. A complete failure of making a comeback

2. When one walks into a store and immediately turns around
because of one of three reasons including:

A: Because the store has something you hate

B: Because the store is not what you thought it was

C: A term for in-store window shopping
E.g. The man walked into the store and immediately did a come-go because of a Justin Beiber poster

E.g. The man went into a store called Ranchers thinking that it was a cowboy store and did a come-go because it was actually a Stripper joint

E.g. The two girls had lost their purses and went inside the store after window shopping to get a better look at something or to get to something not seen through the window
by The Definer 'O Definitions January 11, 2011
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