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Oka "Southrn Prepy Pimp", first of all you didn't even spell the name of the school you were dissing correctly - Colligate is the name of a toothpaste brand. The school you are refering to is spelled C-o-l-l-e-g-i-a-t-e. The official name is The Collegiate College Prepatory School. So where did you get the idea that Collegiate is a yankee school built on new money? Collegiate was founded in 1915 and is known throughout the Richmond area for being built on old, southern money and old, southern families. Most of the students that attend The Collegiate College Prepatory School are "chips off the old block" - meaning that their family have been going to Collegiate for several generations. There are some students from north of the Mason Dixon line, but they usually convert to being a "good ole southerner" by the time they graduate. Perhaps you are getting Collegiate and Steward mixed up. My advice to you is that you get your facts right - Steward has never "kicked our ass" before, and we are certainly not a "new money community" - not that it would really matter if we were. Collegiate has a great academics program, and if you want to argue that, look at the stats. - in 2004 21 Collegiate graduates out of 120 seniors went to UVA (which is a good University and really hard to get into), 2 went to Harvard, 3 to Princeton, 5 to Yale, several went to Brown, there were a bunch that went to Duke and William and Mary ... just to name a few. These are some great Colleges, and this years senior class is even smarter, so before you start bitching about how crappy Collegiate is, look at the cold hard facts, for there lies the truth. And the athletic program is great! In fact many students get sports scholorships to awesome colleges. Students are required to have 2 sports credits each year - that means that every single student has to do 2 sports each year of highschool in order to graduate. This year our football team won states, and for all you public school people who think prep school suck - we creamed Godwin, which is supposed to have a good football team. The boys cross country team won states, our lacross team never loses - Collegiate excells in both academics and athletics. We are a close knit community, built on old southern money, very preppy and we have tons of school spirit. So in conclusion, Collegiate is the best, and you were wrong.

PS - my advice to you "southern preppy punk" is that you learn to spell, check the facts out before you make statements, and that you focus more of your time and energy on something more constructive - like academics or sports or just getting a life.
Cougar#1: I love Collegiate!
Cougar#2: OMG - so do I!
Cougar#1: Lets go see as many Collegiate games as possible this weekend and be supportive!
Cougar#2: Yeah definately! I love school spirit!!! Being preppy is so much fun!
by I love Collegiate!!! April 12, 2005
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A school where yankees from up north with no Suthern family go. They are part of the new money community. This means there grandparents were on crack even St Chrisers are better than them cuz they have confederate connections and even Steward kicks their ass cus even we don'come all from up North, we know where we belong. Why do stewys go there, they arnt real stewys, theyre Yankees
Coligate 1 (in a yankee accent): My Mom drives a Suburban
Coligate 2 (similar accent): mine too
Coligate 3 (an even worse accent): same here
Coligate 4 (Boston accent): Mine too
by Southrn Prepy Pimp March 04, 2005
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