Think of your balls with the skin torn away and your balls hanging and then being kicked there
Think of your balls hanging there with the skin torn away and being kicked there that is college life - Thebluehour

Holy shit - BlackenHysteria
by BlackenHysteria September 6, 2008
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A term used by obnoxious college students (usually freshmen) to refer to the apparently unique lifestyle they are currently living. Very commonly used on Facebook, especially as a photo album title, usually containing numerous pictures of drunken bitches with case upon case of Keystone Light in the background.
Example #01:

Asshole #01- "Oh bra, I have like, a one page essay due tomorrow and I'm freaking out!"
Asshole #02- "That sucks! Welcome to the college life, man."

Example #02:

Slut #01- "So, like, last night, me and Slut #02 went to this party, and like, we got sooooo drunk, and then like, someone slipped us roofies, and I guess like, we got gang raped or something! I'm not sure, but my butthole hurts! Hehe!"
Slut #03- "Ahh. The college life."
by Li'l Skeet December 7, 2009
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Fuckin awesome! Getting fucked up, drunk, blown, not studying and then getting fucked over the next day when u have ur midterms!
"I had the best fucking college life and afterwards i turned into a hobo crackhead, so stay in school kids."
by Mezzzy October 24, 2007
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A type of phase college students go through fearing that once they graduate, they’re gonna think to themselves, “why was I so boring during college?”.
Alice: What’s with JJ? He almost got caught spray painting on the dorms!
Bob: Sorry. JJ’s going through a College-Life Crisis right now. he’s trying to keep himself from being remembered as lame.
by warspawn November 10, 2021
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