A neighborhood in Queens NY that is fairly isolated from other neighborhoods. Bordered by Flushing, Whitestone and the bay. It's main street is College Point Boulevard. Despite it's name, there is no college in College Point.
College Point is by the Whitestone bridge.
by NYC Metalhead June 23, 2006
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College Point, Qnz is one of the biggest shitholes I have ever seen in my life. I lived in Queensbridge 'till 1985 when I then moved to CP. It was a fairly quiet area then but wow it has changed. Now College Point has the highest crime rate in NYC. Most people havn't even heard of it. I look out my window and almost every day there is another murder here. Hearing police sirens is just a common way of life here now. It is covered with gangbangers. It is also now a ghetto in northern queens.I don't go out past 6pm here anymore.
-Yo let's go to College Point iight nigga?
-Iight let's bring our gats cuz mad crab and slob niggaz over there.
by J- BloKK October 18, 2006
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West of College Point Boulevard are owned by Bloods and Latin Kings. Areas east are owned by Crips. This all leads to a horrible murder rate. Distribution of Narcotics and prostitution are also a very great problem besides all the violent crime. Suffered from "white flight" in the mid 1990's and now has very few white people. Police in the area are some of the slowest responders in the city. Even though just north of Flushing it has very few asians and there have been many reports of asians getting killed or robbed over here.
-Hey let's go sightseeing in Queens.
-All of Queens is pretty messed up execpt for the northern parts.
-So lets go to College Point because its in the northern part
-Are you sure you call this safe? We are the only white people here and everyone is staring at us.
by some crip nigga November 7, 2006
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College point is the tightest spot in queens, but don't get caught up here at the wrong time aight!!!
We don't play up here in college point!!!
by college point June 22, 2006
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A boulevard that runs through Flushing and College Point in Queens NY. The Q65 is College Point Boulevard's main bus.
Take College Point Boulevard to go to the Flushing Museum.
by NYC Metalhead June 25, 2006
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