Abercrombie shirt. Birkenstock sandals, cargo pants, sideways hat. Likes Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, rap, you know...just a bro. Similar to immature frat guys.
I'm worried about the state of bro in america.

Those college bros are such douchebags.

Bro rape among college bros is a big problem in america.

The bro came over with a 24 pack of Natural Ice, gamecube, and a big black dildo soaked in axe.
by beerfan10 February 4, 2010
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An alternative definition for the term "Wigger". College Bros tend to have large keg parties, emulate ghetto youth, and attend college. They often tend to hit on attractive freshmen girls, and are know to be very promiscuous.

College Bros tend to wear Abercrombie clothes, and an assortment of "bling" but the most common piece of clothing for a College Bro is a backwards (or sideways) hat, seen on most every College Bro.
The party last night had a lot of college bros so I had to leave.

Check out all those college bros hitting on freshmen girls.

That girl went home with a college bro, you know what that means.

Dang it, there are too many college bros here.
by lstud05 December 7, 2009
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