Like "Scissoring" but with anuses.
Jim and I had a crazy night of sex, we were "collating" all night!
by kerouacwannabe October 21, 2011
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an option during printing multiple copies of multipage documents (like pdfs) where it prints out all pages from one copy before printing the second copy.
I didn't choose the collate option when printing notes for my friends and it ended up as a cluster fuck
by zily September 16, 2009
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A guy who strategizes and organizes when, where and how he will see his numerous girlfriends, so they won't find out about each other.
Jack is always trying to collate the coochie, so he can have several hookups per week. He's fouls as hell, dude. date, breakup, hookup, misogyny, misogynist, player, cheater, philanderer, philandering, divorce
by joecoolthefool August 29, 2015
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The weirdest reaction to an unusable Phantom Forces clip made by the incredible RaGe (Not rage anymore) Cato. He is also known for the worst collat mallbang because he is all luck no skill.

Yes he hit a 5 piece with collat from like 30 studs.
by Catolol October 09, 2020
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