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A cold lenny is when you take a long hard shit in a bag and freeze it and wait approxamitley 22 - 24 hours till the shit is rock hard frozen and stick it back up your ass as a dildo for erotic pleasure.
My girlfriend Freezes her shit everynight for a nice cold cold lenny for breakfast every morning.
by Cuban Pete December 30, 2004
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an extreme act, both in perversion and its soiling nature on one's carpet. One partner urinates into the mouth of the other, who's mouth is freshly stocked with ice. The result is a tangy sensation of flavor.
Baby, go get some ice from the freezer and open wide. It's cold lenny time!
by Captain Sexy July 08, 2004
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Take a shit, wrap it in paper or tissue them freeze it. When hard, use as dildo on either yourself or partner
Any batteries in the dildo? No? Well, I'll use a cold lenny
by Berto119 July 11, 2008
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