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1. (Archaic) A metaphor for weapons made of iron or fighting with such weapons, similar to 'cold steel'

2. (Archaic) a poetic term for iron, commonly used to evoke a sense of hopelessness or oppression

3. (Folklore and Fantasy) a special type of material which harms or repells supernatural creatures, commonly ghosts or fey. It may simply iron which is cold, or iron which has only been cold worked.
1. The bandits were not prepared to face to cold iron of the brave knight
2. The criminal was placed in a cold iron cell
3. The only way to kill a fey is a cold iron dagger to the heart
by WallyHorse October 24, 2018
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1) n. Iron ore mined from deep within the bowels of the earth which, to preserve its strength and suppleness, is forged for a long time at low temperature. Effective against some fey creatures' damage reduction.

2) a) exc. An expression of disapproval used in response to the erratic, absurd, or irrational behavior of an individual, usually one who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics . b) v. to restrain or pacify such an individual.

3) As 2, but in regards to a homosexual male who is performing an action that is stereotypically "faggy," such that he is becoming a parody of himself.
1. Moktar: It appears that this small winged humanoid is ignoring approximately ten points of damage from every successful attack we make against it.
Sepharil: Yes, Moktar, it is a good thing that I have this +1 masterwork cold iron greatsword.

2. "Sir, the number of lines you just bumped is immaterial to the matter at hand. If you do not pull up your pants and remove yourself from my kitchen sink immediately, I shall be forced to lay the cold iron on you.

3. When the young homosexual male launched into a spirited rendition of "People," his companions implored him to "cold iron"
by King Zombie November 26, 2006
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