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A place where there is only Chinese and Pizza restaurants. Where there is nowhere to really chill so people are forced to roam around town aimlessly. The only fun thing to do is to smoke weed.
Also, a ton of fake bitches and douchebags live here.
Mary: I live in Colchester, CT.
John: Wow, I'm sorry. You got bud?
Mary: Well, yeah. What other options do I have?
John: True, true.
by TheyCallMeBigMac August 16, 2012
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A town in Connecticut. The part where all the shops are is small and you could basically walk from the highschool to CVS in 45 minutes at a slow pace. A pretty boring town most of the time, the only excitement is the town Carnival in late May/early June. Colchester is more of a town for older folks and younger children. Sort of a Suburban/Rural town depending on where you are.
"Colchester, CT sucks. There's absolutely nothing to do here."
by AnenomesWithFish December 30, 2011
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