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A state of being that typically occurs immediately after waking up. One who experiences a colaric mood usually is very grumpy, irritable, cranky, grouchy, ill tempered, crabby, sulky, whiny, and very very testy. Expect this person to both physically and verbally attack anyone or anything that is on their warpath. A mega-colaric person displays these emotions all the time, not just when waking up.
Hey, settle down, stop being such a colaric!
by Hammer February 29, 2004
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A female who is dreadful in bed. A colaric should just become a lesbian, as she adds no value to the heterosexual community. As this type of person has no desirable physical or emotional characteristics to another functional human being, one wonders why this person still is living. 90% of males who do hook up with a colaric either commit suicide or turn gay because she is so repulsive.
A colaric is so bad in bed she couldn't even get a himmel off.
by Dan February 29, 2004
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