another term for coffee, used usually when expressing your love for the fast bean juice
me: i should drink less coffee
my brain: mm cofy fast bean juice make me go fast
by taehyungsmeat January 21, 2019
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term given to inhabitants of the town Caernarfon in North Wales (referred to by Cofi's as "dre{dreeh}). Most Cofi women can be seen wearing something similar to the Croydon Facelift, pushing prams and wearing the latest gear from Henleys/Addidas/Helly Hansen. Cofi men use liberal amounts of hair gel to spike their hair into a suitable fashion so as to attract lady Cofi's and increase their chances of spawning young Cofi's before they reach their 16th birthday. Cofi's use the word "cont" as an affectionate term to their friends and loved ones (as well as their enemies). The majority of Cofi's choose to shy away from employment, choosing instead to live off state benefits (often spawning many mini Cofi's to increase household income).
Iawn cont? (Alright, cunt?)
C'mere, cont, I'll fochin do yer ed in!
Cofi 4 lyf, cont!
by ohdidijustsaythat February 24, 2011
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Five foot 2 inches of pure unadulterated dopeness.

Wild Cofi's can be seen just vibing and shit. They don't know what they're doing.
by Not Cofi November 24, 2021
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Cofy Sushi Day is a festivity that celebrates the birth of the idea that Cosmo had on Wednesday, March 22. This day also commemorates the birth of Cofy Sushi. On this day, people below 160cm are allowed to beat the fuck out of tall people. You can only eat sushi and spicy cheesy ramen. Celebrities like Clairo and Cavetown love this day.
X: Hey, wanna go to McDonald's?
Y: No dude, today's Cofy Sushi Day. Let's go eat sushi and smack some folks.
by cofysushi January 8, 2020
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