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A place full of extremely arrogant, hostile people. A secret survey by the tourist board recently found it was the second least friendly town in ALL Australia.

A place where the motels are all 40+ years old but still charge like a new one even though it's right next to a very busy noisy highway and you WON'T be getting any sleep.

A place where there are no jobs but everyone still judges you a lot for not having one.
A: I'm going to Coffs Harbour

B: Why not just punch yourself in the head, it'll feel the same and be less expensive.
by I hate Coffs Harbour January 12, 2012
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The biggest hole of a place you will ever visit.

Its a lovely place to visit but if you spend more than a few days there you will go crazy and realise its full of fucked up bogans and sluts who all think that they are top fucking shit.

It could also be the most judgemental place in the world.
Person 1: Where are you from?

Person 2: Coffs Harbour.

Person 1: Sucked in you fucking bogan. *All respect for Person 2 lost.*
by jessiecoulson June 19, 2011
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its a town on the northern coast of NSW. a good tourist town but only if your staying for the night because it is very boring and the people there dont talk to outsiders.

they all pretend to be nice happy people, but really they're not. they are all old and dying or young and oblivious to the outside world
"i went to coffs harbour the other day, man i wish i bought some weed with me. that place is soo fake"
by ThEeMoRoCkEr24 February 07, 2010
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Regional city on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Still mostly associated with beaches and bananas (including the tourist attraction The Big Banana), although it has dozens of much better tourist attractions and especially adventure activities such as wild-water rafting, skydiving, surfing, surf-rafting, scuba-diving, whale-watching, quad biking and much more.

Becoming increasingly sophisticated with loads of urban caf├ęs, award-winning restaurants, excellent resorts, spas, galleries etc. and is a popular weekend destination from Sydney and Melbourne.
I'm going to Coffs Harbour this weekend. No, I'm NOT going to the Big Banana or revisit my childhood memories of the caravan park, I'm going for a glam girls' weekend to a beach resort featuring lots of champagne and beauty salon visits.
by amandab1 June 20, 2011
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