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A selfish person who sneaks a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle is complete thus causing the finished brew to be weak and bitter.
Worse yet is when mutiple Coffee Felchers team up to make the final brew undrinkable.
In History:During the Battle of the Alamo a feral Mexican wolfboy known only as the Chupacafe was sent into the Alamo by President General Antonio López de Santa Anna wherein he would coffee felch from the American defenders' morning coffee thusly disheartening those brave Texans.
It is theorized that all Coffee Felchers are the genetic offspring of this feral Chupacafe and a woman named Irene.
(Sips coffee)...YUCK!!!,those goddamn Coffee Felchers have been at it again.(Spits out coffee)
by Dr.Cyclopz December 09, 2011
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