Code Green is when you are in need of marijuana. An emergency, if you will.
Me and George ran out of weed. This is a code green.
by Trevor Morris April 8, 2007
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When you have run out of marijuana, and need some more.
Raditude: Yo, we're code green here, can you hook us up with an O Z, for 90?

Dealer: Sure, come on by.

Raditude: Hey man, load another bowl.

Friend: Dude, we're code green.

Raditude: Dammit, this sucks.
by Raditude September 29, 2009
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The term Code Green (or Booty Juicing) is used in some psychiatries meaning that a patient is not cooperating, to which then all nurses on the unit will attempt to catch the patient (imagine 10 grown men attempting to catch a wild pig) and then stick a needle into the patients ass and inject a drug that knocks them out for about a day. At that point, they will probably zip tie the patient down in a "quiet room" until the patient wakes up and calms down.
Patient 1: "Dude, who just got Code Greened?"
Patient 2: "It had to be John, I heard him threatening to beat up his nurse."
Patient 1: "Damn, my boy John got Booty Juiced, what a legend."
by Br0kenSynaps3 February 18, 2020
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a code green is when you are in a public setting and you find leftover kush from previous endeavors
Friend A: " There's a Code Green on my Jacket"

Friend B: " Fuck, abort mission"
by nerryolokush November 15, 2016
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