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Small lazy town on the eastern coast of Florida where all the big wigs in highschool never left and continue to drink and get high all the time while never suceeding in life. All the nerdy kids are now making everyone their bitch. Only place in the world where bums wear helmets, huge jackets, ask for 83 cents, and carry mass amounts of lighters. Plenty of foreign tourist babes to get drunk with and if you pick the right person(everyone) you can bring them back to the house and get high...with the parents.
Founded on drugs in the 1960's and still run by them. God Bless America
Cocoa Beach is where dreams are made and dirty girls are born.
by ou8acracker2 August 15, 2008
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Town on the beach in Florida. Usually pretty hot. A prettty good amount of bums in huge jackets at a trolley stop every day. Not much to do here besides walk around. Kelly Slater, world famous surfer was born here. Most kids and adults smoke weed or drink. Lots of drama, crazy and fun people love it here. Amazing surfing spot on some days. Has an A high school somehow with lots of wiggers and druggies. Trashy stores, trolley stops, the beach, islands, parks, and any party is the usual hangout. Or people just sit outside their houses and laugh at stupid stuff. Not bad of a town, though. Not much crime, pretty carefree, most kids are usually at someone's house or a mall. Nice surf shops, though. Lots of hot surfer guys. Also lots of washed up drunks and cheap bars. All guys obsess over their bikes or phones and all girls obsess over.. everything. Amazing town.
"let's go walk around"
"isn't it late?"
"who cares we're in cocoa beach."
by ilovecocoabeach November 27, 2011
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