Cocaine + Mary Jane = Cocoa Puffin

A mix of Cocaine and Cannabis, dangerous shit!
Person 1 - "Bro, I just smoked a gram of some Cocoa Puffin"
Person 2 - "Shit bro how you feel?"
Person 1 - "I'm trippin balls"
by BigCockCaleb September 04, 2018
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noun - A person of color who is frequently blowing smoke up the rear ends of the general populous in an effort to garner their empathy or support;

verb - Sending up a verbal smoke-screen in an effort to obscure the actual intent behind one's actions
"Barack Obama's been Cocoa Puffin about this whole health care thing since day one."

Dude #1- "So I guess Sammy Sosa out-and-out denied utilizing performance enhancing steroids in his quest to beat Roger Maris's home run record. Can you believe it?"

Dude #2- "I don't buy it. He's such a Cocoa Puffin!"
by Big Daddy Matty C March 13, 2010
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