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Underground slang used to describe packing and smoking cocaine inside if a store bought cigarette
In the movie Flight John Goodmans character "wakes up" Denzel Washingtons character with a Cocoa Puff. He softly squeezes and turns the open end of a cigarette to release a small pinch of tobacco onto the table. Fills the empty space in the cigarette with a pinch of cocaine, then packs the cocaine in tight by topping off the cocaine with some of the tobacco that was originally squeezed out. He lights it up to get it "started" and then Denzel's character takes a huge drag, inhales, holds it in his lungs for a long spell, and upon exhaling becomes significantly buzzed and high from "smoking cocaine." A kind of rich mans crack pipe. (Needless to say it's addictive and could potentially kill you depending on what was used to "cut" the pure cocaine down to a profitable street drug)
by SuburbTagger April 11, 2015
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a joint of pot with cocaine in the center
Roll me a cocoa puff, I just score some coke (i.e. cocaine).
by rocky August 07, 2003
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The act of a woman/man dropping their dingleberries in an empty bowl. A lactating woman must then squeeze her milk into the bowl for the man/woman to consume. Best served WITHOUT a spoon, almost like bobbing for apples.
I heard Steve's girlfriend served him a mean bowl of cocoa puffs the morning after prom.
by SE779 April 12, 2011
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Is when you put cocaine on top of pot and then smoke it.
your mama cocoa puffo your mama cocoa puffy your mama cocoa puff
by larry's boy October 16, 2006
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