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Someone who is intensly disliked and/or hated. Must be used in an English accent. Can be used for things as well as people
George Bush is a Cocktit
Gordon Brown is also a Cocktit
You're acting like a real Cocktit right now
Luke is a Cocktit
by Definitely Not Rassem October 01, 2007
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A group of retards.
Unattractive highschool kids who think they're cool.

Hangout everyday and spend money they don't have.

Use stupid words that don't exist.

If they're really annoying you could call them an OG Cocktit
John: Shit bro it's sam and his cocktits!

Michael: What the fuck bro they're retarded, they're OG cocktit
by RUDE BACKAZZZZ October 04, 2017
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The nickname of a large boobed asian chick whose volleyball number is 1 which sits firmly between her voluptuous orbs simulating a penis, creating the image of a cock in between tits.
Cock Tits kicked ass on the court tonight!
Yeah, CT really can deliver it.
by J-Crew September 28, 2006
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