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A CobGobbler is a person who gets fecal matter in their mouth, be it intentional or otherwise.
(a reference to corn in shit logs)

- The person who has the "chocolate" in their mouth can then be called the "Cob Gobbler" or simply "Gobbler"
- The Shit does not need to be from a human, but does need to be the same type as a human, i.e., Bird shit is more like a liquid (and never contains corn chunks) and so is generally not considered for Cob Gobbling, however there is nothing stopping the informal use when an instance like this occurs.
Steph was giving Sam a Thunder Harvest when she suddenly found herself a cobgobbler...
by SpikeyMonkey December 31, 2014
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Generic unisexual insult. The implication being that the Cobgobbler infact gobbles cob. Cob meaning penis and gobble meaning oral stimulation.
by David Troutt May 29, 2008
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When you ferociously devour a large penis in the manner of a starving person chowing down on a corn on the cob well drizzled in butter.
Man look at her go - your girlfirend is a champion cob-gobbler.
by MBlaster August 03, 2007
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