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Coach Mike is a bald, loud , annoying homosexual with 10 foot earlobes.
by richyoungprodigy March 10, 2017
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An unempathetic coach
He was acting like such a coach mike.
what a coach mike thing to do
by 188888995 July 30, 2021
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A Coach Mike is the best basketball coach of all time. Literally the GOAT. He will turn your jump shot from broke to beast in no time. Coach Mike is a lady's guy. Whenever he's not ballin, he's spending time with the ladies. Basketball doesn't define a Coach Mike, Coach Mike defines basketball.
Sorry I cant, I'm ballin with Coach Mike.
by BCbeeeeaaassst January 26, 2018
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“Omfg guys Coach Mike hit a motorcycle driving to practice”

That’s crazy! What a goofy ass nigga!”
by mygfsuckstoes October 16, 2019
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