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verb-a form of cockblocking -CoPimpin is The act of stepping in on a recently initiated conversation between a freind and a girl and trying to spit game , usually done by someone who fears rejection and wants to step in after the ice is already broken instead of finding someone on their own. Normally done by someone who doesnt have a chance yet will ruin your game to shoot his shot at it. This usually occurs at Bars , partys , clubs, and other such social events. The word is derived from "co-pilot"
if three freinds go to a bar and Lets just call them "Tom","Mike",and "John" hypothetically.. and Tom and Mike start talking to two girls and John frantically rushes over to start Co-Pimpin instead of initiating conversation with one on his own for fear of rejection , rendering him annoyingly useless/hurting Tom and Mikes chances
by TommysRx April 25, 2007
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