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Little girls who think they're hot shit, who go to clubs with fake IDs, half naked, looking to hook up with every guy in the club.
Girl 1:Did you see that girl hooking up with that guy? How did her mother let her walk out of the house wearing that?

Girl 2:I know, shes such a club whore!
by bentleys fiance August 01, 2008
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noun. 1.) A male that brings one or more female companions to a dance club but refuses to dance with them. This individual has no interest in dancing but would rather drink and threaten anyone who talks to or asks their companions to dance. See asshole or swinger hater *Note females can be guilty of this behavior although it is very rare.

2.) An individual that takes up room on the dance floor of a club to drink, bullshit, and argue with their date. Not to dance.

3.) An individual in a club that gets highly irate if you bump into them or step on their shoes. Even if the club is packed they expect to have a 50ft buffer zone around them.
Dave- "Hey Justin why didn't you dance with that hot ass girl at that table with the drunk dude? She looked like she really wanted to."

Justin- "Yeah i asked her and she said she really wanted to dance but her date wont let her. He said he would kick my ass if i even looked at her."

Dave- "What?!!!! Her date must be a total club whore!"

by A Swinger October 26, 2007
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