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A clownvoter is someone who continually, passive aggressively downvotes on a social media platform
I’m being trolled by a clownvoter. Looks like the election brought out all the clownvoters
by Class versus sass October 19, 2019
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A clownvoter is a "downvoter" who downvotes just to be "that guy". There is no real reason for the downvote other than it has too many upvotes.

A clownvote is said ridiculous downvote.
Example: Even though my comment has nothing but facts, some clownvoter had to be "that guy".
by NovaBlaze April 27, 2014
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A Clownvoter is a sad creature that lurks on social media comments sections downvoting comments for ill-advised reasons, and has horrible taste.
The Clownvoter's favorite Marx brother is Zeppo.

The Clownvoter's favorite Indiana Jones movie is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The Clownvoter's favorite hot sauce is mayonnaise.
by Moon!!! December 25, 2019
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