A derogatory term used to refer to drum and bass, in the jump-up genre, that has an extremely simple bassline, and a swingbeat that sounds similar to a typical circus march.

Noisia, Tech Itch, Evol Intent and Photek are NOT Clownstep. They are actually the antithesis of Clownstep.
The best example of Clownstep would be Shimon and Andy C's Body Rock. Or Dillinja's Twist em out.
by Alex1134 February 17, 2013
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A sub genre of Drum and Bass, charecterised by big "wobbly" basslines with a simple structure, usually consisting of a 3 note progression. The swing beat is used excessively in this simplistic form of dnb. These travesties of electronic music are popular with pill munching plebs who delight in nothing better than flailing their arms about and jumping up and down like a muppet plugged into the mains socket. This phenomena seems to generate a lot of money for the producers of such a formulaic style due to the "common raver" being the lowest common denominator the dj has to cater for.
See: Dillinja, post 2000. And Twisted Individual.
by Solja January 6, 2005
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Clownstep is the negative but amusing name given to the jump-up genre of drum and bass. Use of the word when describing a track would indicate that it contains warbly basslines and outrageous swingbeats. Clownstep tracks usually song alot like the music you would here at a circus or after a few hours of giving you 3 year old nephew his first my tomy music sequencer.

The word originates from the mainly drum and bass music forum, dogsonacid.com, when DYLAN who is a figure head in the music scene did a thread claiming when he heard certain jump-up tracks, the crowd would remind him of clowns dancing in time to the swingbeats.

Clownstep has been such a phenomenon that it has seen recognition the world over, including having an entry in wikipedia.org. Producers such as Noisia, Evol Intent, Technical Itch, Teebee, Photek and many many more produce clownstep and there seems to be more and more up and coming wobbly producers making a name on the scene fairly frequently.
Raver 1: Did you hear that warbly bassline in that new Noisia track?!

Raver 2: Yea man, that was some proper clownstep, i cant wait for their set to be over so we can listen to Nightwalker, now that is proper music!
by Grooverider January 29, 2006
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A woman who wobbles when she moves. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on where the wobbles are.
She's got more wobz than a clownstep bassline.
by Chester Lovein July 14, 2014
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