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Noun. 1) a cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology, uninterrogated ethics, and appalling credulity. 2) a currency of the US Congress. 3) a threat to sue by the 45th President of the US. 4) the currency of clownarchy. 5) an investment in pageantry. 6) a loan from Deutsche Bank. 7) an emolument. 8) payment tendered for suppression of truth regarding a sex act.
I tried to wash trade my Clowncoin before exchanging them for Litecoin while my hacker team based in Puerto Rico ran a dope pump and dump job on Bitcoin, which I used to pick up even more Litecoin and a new token in which I'm principally vested for close to $1.5B. Another day at the market for a savvy entrepreneur and compassionate dolt like me. I work hard for my money, muthafukah.

Q: Why don't you shut the fuck up about Clowncoins and other bogus currencies?
A: Because the first amendment prohibits congress from making a law abridging freedom of speech.

Q: Why don't you report your Clowncoins to the IRS?
A: Because the fourth amendment guarantees an implicit right to privacy. (My body, my abortion, my Clowncoins...)

Q: What can you purchase with Clowncoins?
A: Same shit as Bitcoin.

Q. Will you agree to repeatedly sell me Clowncoin for, say, Litecoin or Bitcoin or Ethereum in exchange for purchasing it back at a higher price?
A. Of course. Or we could leave it to the bots.

Q: What do you mean by Spoofy?
A: I mean it's a Spoof, like Clowncoin.

Q: Have you estimated a market capitalization for Clowncoin?
A: Yes. By the same calculus as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Fantasy, and Alchemy.
by @RealityWinner March 04, 2018
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Gold tokens with the picture of a clown on it, that you present to someone when they act a fuckin fool. There is no one reason to have a coin given to you but if given a clown coin, you remain whack for a 24 hour period. There are many clown coin replicas but only a true clown coin can be obtained at Fun land of Panama City.
What the fuck did you just say?....BITCH! Take some Clown Coins!
by Moe Miggins July 30, 2008
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