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A person that only hangs with certain people or starts beef with people to gain popularity
Don't mess with him, he a clout chaser"
by Jenko41 November 19, 2016
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A person who hangs out or talks to someone because of how popular they are.
Don't talk to that guy he's just a clout chaser
by IamJew March 23, 2017
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A person who dates, talks about, or hangs around one who is very popular just to make them look better. These people typically have no life and want to look cool by others.
Emily doesn’t even like Brad, she just dates him because he’s on the basketball team and makes her look better. He’s actually not her type, he’s corny, ugly, and has no swag. Ugh She’s such a clout chaser.
by LegitLife23 June 27, 2018
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An Clout chaser I someone who gets famous off of other people's name's or videos. These are the types of people who are broke and can't get famous of there self. Some youtubers will do something like this
Kaemor is a clout chaser
by Mxxet2xx November 17, 2016
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Someone who is with or surrounds them self with people with “clout” or popularity to gain their own social media presence.

Example: Nina/ The Bitch who dated grandfather🙂
Nina is such a clout chaser. She prolly would’ve given him head🤷🏾 ♀️
by “Not a clout chaser” June 04, 2018
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