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when you live with roommates but can't wait for an empty house to get it on, so you have sex in your walk-in-closet to keep the noise down
Babe, I really want you right now! Ahh, I wish we were alone. Can you be quiet? Not's not that fun that way. Okay, let's go for some closet sex.
by DestinyHope February 13, 2011
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When you crash at a friends house or vise versa and you start snuggling, or other doing sexual activities, but you both act like you're straight and pretend like nothing happened in the morning.

Essentially a one night stand, but for gay or bisexual people who are too shy to come out of the closet.
Example 1:
Jacob: "Morning dude"
Carl: "Hey."
Jacob (thinking to himself): "That guy gives the best hand jobs iv'e ever had"

Example 2:
Steve: "So how'd the party go"
John: "Pretty good. I'm almost positive Jacob and Carl were having Closet Sex after they thought I fell asleep though."
by Th3rd November 13, 2015
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Closet Sex: when your fucking a girl just because its an easy lay, but you dont tell your friends because shes fat or ugly.. so you keep her in the "closet"
if you have ever fucked a girl, even if she is ugly or fat, but didnt tell anyone, you have had closet sex.
by Hot_Deli_Dan November 19, 2007
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