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A sexually transmitted disease that causes vaginal, penal and anal discharge, genital sores, explosive diarrhea, bad breath, bleeding ulcers, peanut nipples, poor decision making, drowsiness, irritable bowel syndrome, toe nail fungus and an overabundance of shmegma.
Damn, my Clopin is acting up again.

Stay away from that nasty bitch! She has Clopin!
by SaintNoodle August 10, 2017
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when working in retail, its when you have to close one night then open the next morning. usually associated with little to no sleep and making promises of not getting fucked up but then doing it anyway.
"i cant party too hard tomorrow night, i gotta clopin."
by njb12 May 03, 2010
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Term to cover what happens when your management insenitively schedules you to close and then open the business.
"I can't believe it! I have to clopin Saturday night for the third week in a row!"
by Gomiboy December 03, 2017
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