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A small, condensed mill town in Worcester county that was established in 1850. Drawing many parallels to Ireland, Clinton seceded from Lancaster because of different economies and cultures (Clinton being blue collar/ factory orientated while Lancaster more aristocratic/ land orientated). Even till this day Clinton is known for its toughness, its football(except this year), and its mainly Irish population. Most dudes can bang in a brawl (no homo)past a 12 pack and most girls are pretty with a distinctive style. Clinton also has a fairly large latino community Clintorico known to live in the projects which are not too dangerous. Most Irish names are from county Galway or Mayo and the irish humor is still there. Also with a picturesque damn/resovoir, Clinton is a nice place to picnic if you have condoms and some ham sandwiches. Bottom line clinton is great, and i'm not even from there originally.
You from Clinton MA?

Ya why what's the problem?

I just figured because you have a $300 outstanding bar tab.
by Worcester22 July 10, 2008
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a.k.a Clowntown. Was once a mill town, now is a refuge for drug addicts and welfare cases. Classless girls and wannabe gangasta guys. It's sad.
High school was built on a swamp (seriously? Yes.) so it had to be moved and rebuilt. Now it stands close to the town dump. GREAT!
"Best town by a dam site" What are we using as comparison towns here?!?!
"Oh she wants to fight? Why, because I looked at her?! She is so totally from Clinton MA."

"He needs to pull his pants up. People are going to know he's from Clinton MA."
by DBags June 13, 2008
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