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Holding on to; Carrying. Particularly used with currency. Prevalent in the Nottingham area of UK and the Midlands.
Guy 1: Ay-up mate! How's a visit to the local with me and Charlie?
Guy 2: I wish I could catch ya, but yesterday some dodgy chav pinched my wallet after fry-up.
Guy 1: Naff. How much do you suppose you were holding?
Guy 2: Peanuts mostly, bar I was clingin' a tenner in my side pouch.
Guy 1: Brilliant. a tenner is enough for a bevvy or two.
Guy 2: Forgive me, but I drained it on a cuppa for me and Harry this morning.
Guy 1: Shame. Give us a bell if you find a couple quid.
Guy 2: I'm easy, moreover BGT is on channel 23 tonight.
by JammyJonny September 10, 2016
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