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A man who doesn't cut corners, only hits them. A work horse. An ace on the best team in baseball (Philadelphia Phillies.) A man who can dominate a lineup day in and day out.
"Man did you see Cliff Lee last night? He pitched another complete game shutout!! That's his 11th on the season. The man is such a work horse."
by Francisco Paul September 08, 2011
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A wonderful human being who always inspires those around them. This person is very funny too and sometimes a bit sarcastic. Nice person but takes a lot to make them laugh.
That Cliff Lee guy is so amazing
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by WoodRooster June 28, 2019
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1. A complete and utter douchebag. Abandoned the Texas Rangers, and took a sh*t on the best team in baseball(Yankees) to be gay lovers with Roy Halladay. A discrace to all of baseball, and an example to other free agents on what NOT to do. "Took his talents to South Beach"
2. The new Lebron James
1. Cliff Lee has no penis. Nor does he deserve one, as he is a complete assfuck. Hopefully he gets anally raped in the world series next year by either the Rangers or the Yankees.
2. Cliff Lee=Lebron James


Sorry, Lebron James.
by super gangsta 926 December 16, 2010
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Journeyman starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers. Lee abandons teams during and after baseball seasons.
Cliff Lee was the ace on the losing Philadelphia Phillies team during the 2009 World Series.
by wordisbondvt October 17, 2010
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