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The most versitile actor in the world. Of extremly ambiguos ethnic descent. Starring is roles as Maoris, a Colombian drug lord, an Easter Islander, various Americans including FBI agents, Arabs, a Wellington Electricity Trader of Burmese descent and Fire Lord Ozai (although he has lately been heard to vehemently deny that last one was him). While often critically acclaimed for his work he is also known to have short arms and deep pockets, especially when it comes to the weekly round of coffee.
That is one surly looking arabian fire lord. Go Cliff Curtis! It's Uncle Bully Uncle F********ckn Bully! Wait, no, it's that energy trader again. Wellington is a small place.
by Uncle Fckn Billy May 22, 2012
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(n) the most amazing actor known to mankind, seen in Once Were Warriors, Whale Rider, Crossing Over, Blow, Bringing on the Dead, River Queen, Trauma (tv program)

(v) the act of an incredibly sexy man pulling his hair up into a tight bun on the top of his head and looking stunningly hot
Hey, baby, you want to look really hot for me tonight? Wear those jeans I like and Cliff Curtis your hair for me, okay? Then we'll play a little game later called "Just the Tip"...
by Kate Mungenate May 01, 2011
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