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Someone with way too much time on their hands who gets a cheap thrill by clicking on Google Adsense, Google Adword and other Sponsored Ads on searches and websites that he knows will cost that company a paid click even tho he has no intention of checking out the site or the product. Especially likes to click on sites belonging to larger companies or porn sites, with the click representing a little f*ck you to that company.
When a clickster has nothing better to do, a clickster does random Google searches and clicks on the paid ads to cost those companies a few cents each.
by August 31, 2009
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One of five members of the Clique. Found primarily in the vicinity of Washington, DC, but specifically known to favor the Capitol Hill and NorDu areas.

When observed in their natural habitat, clicksters are frequently seen:

1. drinking beer, brewing beer, talking about beer;

2. listening to music, making music, talking about music;

3. crab fighting, picking fights with bar girls, talking about zombie-fighting.

Though membership in the Clique is limited to the five original members (1. J-Dizzel, 2. J-Dizzel, 3. K-Dizzel, 4. K-Dizzel, 5. Cruise Director), they sometimes roll with a larger crew that includes Manny, Kenai, and occasionally Mr. Chucks.
Irrelevant Person: So what'd y'all get into last night?

K#4: We left the Players Club around 7 and went over to Clique Mansion for band practice. Picked up a 6-pack at McTalon's on the way, but we didn't need to because J-Dizzel had homebrew.

Irrelevant Person: Man, you guys are so cool. Can I hang with the Clique sometime?

J#1: Step off, son. Don't you know the Clique is for Clicksters?
by S#5 January 23, 2007
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Any one person that fucks you over.
Being "clicked" by a clickster.
"You really clicked me on that one, you fuckin cunt!"

see "cunt" for definition
by The Clickster January 08, 2004
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