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Clementia is the Greek Goddess of forgiveness.

When an individual makes a mistake on their part and have graciously been blessed with forgiveness by the upset individual, it is customary practice in Ancient Greece to travel to where the ancient statue of Clementia stands and complete a forgiveness ritual. The ritual includes thanking Clementia for her kind gift of forgiveness and also to thank the individual who has accepted your apology.
Upon reaching the great foot hills of Olympus.

*kneeling down by the statue*
Clara: "dear mother Clementia. Thank you forgiveness and i thank the person i thank the person who forgave me..."

Clementia: "CLAAAAARRRAAA... i heard you made a boo boo. This is serious problems... we may need to consult the vatican"

Clara: *eyes wide in fear* "no dear mother, for the love of god please I promise i'll never do it again... i mean YOU SPOKE?"

Clementia: "Okay my child, i'll still have to consult with Zeus, however."

2 hours later:

Clementia: "Its okay. Zeus has give the green light... you may continue on your travels now."

Clara: "Thank you God and Thank you Clementia..."
by Clara.blond June 02, 2010
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