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A game where you attempt to throw an object into a woman's cleavage.

If the woman is playing as well, the goal is to for her catch the object being thrown between her breasts. If the woman is not playing along, the goal is for the person throwing to make the object being thrown land in the woman's cleavage.

Despite common belief, it is usually played between women.
I was wearing a v-neck at lunch, and Amy didn't want her carrots, so we played Cleavage Catch.
by Margo Roth Spiegelman II February 03, 2009
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The act of using your boobs to catch any incoming projectile. Often used by chicks with the distinct knowledge that they are not only well coordinated with boob eye coordination but blessed with boobs to catch things with.
Hey Brooke that was an awesome cleavage catch! Perfect timing with that pencil!
by AJ the dirty mexican March 23, 2011
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