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A small town in central PA. The main source of entertainment is beer and weaponry. Clearfield girls are easy and fun to hang with. Clearfield is the birthplace of many celebrities and other not so celeb folk. Me like Clearfield.
Lets go to Clearfield and get drunk!
by Harvard Haag August 03, 2005
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A quaint city in central Pennsylvania. The main source of employment is the school district,the hospital, or Wal-Mart. The people are very conservative, and few have college degrees. Their are many farms and villages. The bars are a hang out for people of all ages. Beer is the main source of entertainment and killing things with weapons is the main source of recreation.
by Harvey Haag April 15, 2005
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The town in central pennsylvania that mainly consists of bars, carwashes, old people, and wal-mart. On fridays and saturdays most kids in middle school and high school go to the Ritz movie theatre, the YMCA, the skate rink, or stay at home because they have no life. The town is full of rednecks and the bars are a great place to find this breed of people. The most amazing thing about this place is it is the home of the worlds biggest hamburger. The main groups of kids in the high school is the biggest group which consists of dumb emo kids, the other groups in order of size are preps, band geeks, dirtbike kids, jocks, and geeks. The middle school is haunted. Some great hang out spots are the movies, crossroads, wal mart, parking lots, scottos pizzeria, and the dink rink. And most of the local shopping stores are slowly closing one by one because of the great wrath of wal mart. The best thing about this wonderful town is that me and my friends grew up here.
If we decide to build a new town i would suggest we dont build it like clearfield.
by shitpiss January 04, 2007
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