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n. The term used to describe one who feigns intellect, through ostentatiously purchasing high-brow books with no intention of actually reading them.

Clean-books are so-called from their library of mint condition paper backs, each with crisp, virgin pages, bereft of even a single crease in their spines. As any real reader knows, a typical paperback usually becomes visibly worn and battered after the first time it has been read.

Common behaviour of clean-books includes the frequent posting of Facebook statuses about the books that they have purchased, or the occasional, generic, trite review. Eg: "Hemmingway- what an author.", or "Moby Dick is a good read." Some clean-books go to further lengths than others, and are even known to read reviews or full synopses of the books online, as well as memorizing popular online opinions and interpretations in case their integrity is challenged.
"He's not really as smart as he makes out; he's a bit of a clean-book."

"I went to John's house to borrow Treasure Island, and he's a fucking clean-book! You should have seen how pristine all his books were!
by IceCreamBros May 11, 2013
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