AKA "The Pavlonian Reinforcement". Possibly one of the most important psychological principles you can learn to overcome fear and negative mindsets for good and build CONFIDENCE. The neutral stimulus (NS) is what has no mental reaction, but paying attention to your environment. The unconditional stimulus (US) is what automatically causes your body to react to certain emotions (think anxiety, fear, laughter, happiness, nervousness, sad). The NS turns into the conditional stimulus (CS) when the NS collides with the US. The reaction produced from these 2 stimuli is what's called "The conditioned response".
Here is an example of classical conditioning at its finest...

Let's say you're at the mall or at the store (Neutral Stimulus). All of a sudden, you spot a chick you'd like approach, talk to and meet. But then, the sign of that chick gives you Approach Anxiety (Unconditional stimulus). Next, you get the guts to approach her, talk to her, and kiss her at the end, BUT she either rejects you or asks you if you're crazy or there's anything wrong with you (NS meets US, now NS turns to CS and it produces the conditioned response of a rapid heartbeat, trembling hands, and xerostomia which is cotton mouth). The more this process is continued which is habituation, the more you weaken the conditioned response to feel that icky sensation when you want to make your moves on a girl you like. TRUST ME... you'll feel A LOT more confident at the end!!
by xSexXXyXScorpioLeo1102 September 17, 2010
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A very primal and potent form of instinctive behavioral learning. This is innate in humans and animals of all kind (including fish, worms, etc). Classical conditioning forms the reason and basis for all unhealthy addictions and fetishes.

In an Orwellian type of situation, one could theoretically take over the world if they could classical condition their citizens (in fact, megacorporations are already doing it right now via advertisements).
The teacher played the exact same song every time we took a quiz. I now hate that song thanks to classical conditioning.

Even though I ate dinner, I started craving for a burger after watching a Wendy's commercial, all thanks to classical conditioning.

After seeing all these hot bikini girls in a beer commercial, brad suddenly felt the desire to crack open a cold one, all thanks to classical conditioning.

You could very well get turned on by a fire hydrant all thanks to classical conditioning.
by UltimateDoge October 07, 2021
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The conundrum that occurs when you get used to hooking up to a certain song, and then that song comes on the radio in the middle of the day, and you get a boner.
Danny: you ever heard a song that youve hooked up to, but youre not with a chick, but you get hard anyways?? That's like classical conditioning for your dick!!

Brian: What up Pavlov!!
by das jew March 10, 2011
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