The graduating class of 2012. Students graduating high school in 2012 will always be in the grade that is the same as the year.
In 1999, we graduated Kindergarten.
In 2008, we graduated 8th grade.
In 2012, the class of 2012 graduates 12th grade.
by yummydd March 16, 2010
Kids that gradute high school in 2012 and are said to be the reason the world will end. Full of retarded people with the random groups of ok people
Jan: " The world's gonna end in 2012!"

Amira: " Yeah and my class will cause it."


Greg: " That table is full of retards."

Jake: " They're the class of 2012."
by classof2012 February 24, 2010
Known for underachieving and being overall disappointing, the class of 2012 spends most of their time trying to convince you and themselves otherwise. Their parents are quick to sing their praises as they try and convince themselves that they didnt completely fuck up raising them.

A large number of students showed up drunk on the first day to their senior year thinking that was badass. They where all caught but got off easy because High School is as good as it's going to get for these douchebags and the Administration feels bad for them.

Their women are sleazy and easy but, will deny it tooth and nail. They are unable to accept the cold hard truth. While most of them will point to the herpes outbreak of the class below them they are not really better at all.

They are all exceptionally spoiled and pretend as if life is so hard for them all of the time. They act ghetto and to do not respond well to being told no by anyone.

This class is a sad reflection on Naperville North High School and the Town of Naperville, IL itself.
Parent of a Naperville North Class of 2012 student: Ohhh my kid is so smart they thought drinking on the first day of their senior year was a good idea.

Any reasonable person: Dont you feel responsible? They are your kids

Parent of a NN class of 2012 student: What do you mean? my childs below average GPA and ACT scores and over inflated Ego can't be my fault!
by neuquarules December 2, 2011
Whitney Young Gifted and Talented Leadership Academy class of 2012 is the most hated class in the school. The class is full of money hunry bitches. They think they the best class in the school.
Me: Hey, can you support our class
2012: HELL NAW we need our own money fuck that
Me: that why your class is the most hated class (hated class 2012)
2012: suck my dick bitch (guy) eat my pussy hoe (gal) hate that
by Class of 201__ June 12, 2011