You see class reunions aren't meant to be get togethers to talk about the fond memories of school it's a battleground where you show off how much better you are compared to the rest of your class and laugh at those who peaked to early, are fat, possibly divorced and or with kids that they had when they were 16.

Generally the ones who start planning a class reunion are of the female gender who are unsatisfied with their life and want to see if any of their fellow classmates are any worse than them or are the extremely successful females who are married with kids to a husband who may or may not be having an affair with her best friend who want to promote their rank in the hierarchy of people they haven't seen in approximately 10 years.

Men rarely if ever prepare a class reunion. The only reason why a man who do such a thing is if they just broke up with their fiancé because she eloped and now he has to find another girl to get engaged with since his overprotective mom already has a wedding hall reserved and sent out invitations. In order to appease his mother he decides to call a class reunion hoping he would "reconnect" a.k.a. knock up some chick that he at least has some knowledge of and hope to start a family with her so he can skip the dating process.
Female 1: Shit, I just lost my job, my husband left me, and I'm pregnant.
Female 2: Let's call up a class reunion to see how miserable the people we hated in high school are.

Man 1: Fuck, my girlfriend dumped me for another chick.
Man 2: Bro I feel you man. Why don't we have a class reunion and try to hook you up with that hot chick that everyone wanted to have sex with?
by Being August 26, 2013
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